Case Study: Helping support a user with the start of memory loss

On a recent visit to one of our clients, Mitchell from the support team was ask to meet with the directors regarding a sensitive matter regarding a senior member of staff. The nature of the problem was the member of staff is suffering the onset of memory loss. He is struggling to remember his password due to the secure password requirements. He felt unable to use his computer and felt nervous about asking the support team.

With this the team upgraded his computer to Windows 10 which he is also running at home, helping to ease the pressure of knowing two operating systems. With new features in Windows 10 we was able to set a pin code for logging in. With this it meant we was able to maintained security while allowing access to the end user. The pin code is only valid for his computer and log in. His password was then stored in a secure location in case we need to add it in to a device.

This outcome has allowed the end user has been able to use his computer knowing the team are on hand. By doing this it has enabled the user to carry on working on his computer without the struggle of a password. The help desk team have also added a marker on the users contact so when he calls in the staff are aware to provide extra care and attention.

The team checked back in with the end user who was happy to report he feels confident to use his computer again and the solution has enabled him to carry on working.

If you feel a member of staff could benefit from the new accessibility features in windows 10 or extra support with their IT needs day to day why not speak to the team today. Speak to us today on 01279 800 037 or click here to find out more about our IT Support services.

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