Hang on… you’re STILL not prepared for The 2020 Problem?

From 14th January, Windows 7 is dead. So is Office 2010. And a set of popular server software.

Microsoft has killed them off, because they’re no longer fit for purpose.

And if you have just one machine in your business still running this dead software, you’re at risk.

We believe that hackers who’ve discovered vulnerabilities over the last year or so, have been sitting quietly, biding their time. And now they will start to exploit those vulnerabilities. Because there’s no-one to patch the software and stop them.

There’s also the matter of GDPR. End of life software is technically in breach of GDPR rules.

We believe thousands of business owners and managers in Essex and Herts don’t know they are relying on dead tech.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people are the same – they don’t know what they’re running their business on. And to a certain extent, they don’t care.

We can help you quickly and painlessly. We’ve written a new guide to The 2020 Problem. Explaining why you must take urgent action now.

Fill in your details here to get this new guide emailed to you instantly.

In January, Microsoft is withdrawing support for some of its most popular old business software. This creates a huge problem for organisations everywhere, because when it inevitably fails, it can’t be fixed.

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39D Networking Event January


39D and our partners are pleased to invite you to our networking event at The Loughton Club on the 14th January 2020. At this event you will learn about Cyber Security, how to protect private wealth / digital assets, how to improve your social media presence online, and firsthand experience about the work the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance carries out every day to help save lives.


14th January 2020 – 6pm – 9pm


Loughton Club – 8 Station Rd, Loughton IG10 4NX

Talk times


Welcome and introduction – Matthew Southgate Founder of 39D


Cyber Security by 39D  learn more about how to protect your computer. – Presented by Matthew Southgate with over 15 years background in Cyber Security and hosted services. – Matthew Southgate Founder of 39D


Strategy for Social Media by 24 Fingers – A chance to learn more about how to improve your social media for your business – Emma Goode – Managing Director


Private Wealth and how to protect it, and digital assets – Lesley Anne and Gina Berry – Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitor


Simon Stevens a firsthand experience of Essex And Hearts Air Ambulance. Including a charity update.

7.15pm A chance to network with fellow professionals and raffle draw.


Thank you to the Loughton Club. It is a magnificent resource in the center of Loughton providing the community with 3 separate bars, a function hall and a members only snooker hall.  We host a whole variety of community groups as well as social areas to meet with your friends; relatives and work colleagues. We also have Sky and BT to view all ranges of sports and have some terrific tribute bands planned for 2020.

Find out more at https://39d.co.uk or call us on 01279 800 039

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Your email is your greatest tool. And biggest threat

Your email is your greatest tool. And biggest threat Because we rely on email so much to run our businesses, it’s our greatest tool (no matter how much you might sigh when you see how many unread emails you have). But because there’s so much activity in there. And you can receive emails from anyone, it’s the most common way to try to breach your business. Hackers are targeting every business, every day.

Using clever automated tools. In this new video we show you some of the common cyber crimes that start in emails. And how to protect your business. We’re 39d, looking after businesses in Essex and Herts. And we’re very much on your side. Let’s work together to keep the hackers out.

Find out more at https://39d.co.uk or call us on 01279 800 039

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How to face The 2020 Problem like a hero

Christmas is nearly here, and along with all the family get togethers, office parties and mountains of brussels sprouts there’s one thing you can always count on – there will be loads of action movies on the TV.

In January, Microsoft is withdrawing support for some of its most popular old business software. This creates a huge problem for organisations everywhere, because when it inevitably fails, it can’t be fixed.

Check out guide to help you understand the signs to look for and steps you can take.

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Case Study: Helping support a user with the start of memory loss

On a recent visit to one of our clients, Mitchell from the support team was ask to meet with the directors regarding a sensitive matter regarding a senior member of staff. The nature of the problem was the member of staff is suffering the onset of memory loss. He is struggling to remember his password due to the secure password requirements. He felt unable to use his computer and felt nervous about asking the support team.

With this the team upgraded his computer to Windows 10 which he is also running at home, helping to ease the pressure of knowing two operating systems. With new features in Windows 10 we was able to set a pin code for logging in. With this it meant we was able to maintained security while allowing access to the end user. The pin code is only valid for his computer and log in. His password was then stored in a secure location in case we need to add it in to a device.

This outcome has allowed the end user has been able to use his computer knowing the team are on hand. By doing this it has enabled the user to carry on working on his computer without the struggle of a password. The help desk team have also added a marker on the users contact so when he calls in the staff are aware to provide extra care and attention.

The team checked back in with the end user who was happy to report he feels confident to use his computer again and the solution has enabled him to carry on working.

If you feel a member of staff could benefit from the new accessibility features in windows 10 or extra support with their IT needs day to day why not speak to the team today. Speak to us today on 01279 800 037 or click here to find out more about our IT Support services.

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Don’t play Russian Roulette with your Windows software in 2020!!

Did you know that many of Microsoft’s much used software will reach ‘end of life’ in January 2020?

“What can I do about it?  I don’t want to become a target for hackers and leave my business exposed to viruses and none compliance!!”

Sounds scary, particularly as half of businesses in Essex, Herts & Cambs could be affected by the big changes by Microsoft in 2020, but there is a simple answer, but you do need to act now. 

The good news is that you still have time to remove the potential risks and not play Russian Roulette with your systems in 2020.  To explain, we have written an easy guide, a short book addressing the issues and solutions available.

January 2020 is only around the corner, so to safeguard your technology, act now.  Please enter your details below to receive your free book.

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Data Loss Protection for Your Business

Can your business afford to lose all of your business data? There are numerous ways to lose it – from accidental deletion to viruses and hackers’ attack. According to Accenture reports, in 2018 the average cost of a malware attack on a company was $2.4 million.

So, is your company data protected enough?

39D will securely back up all your files, including documents, emails, and applications
Here’s how backup by 39D will help you protect your business data
• Fast data recovery available 24/7
• Safely protects data on your laptops, desktops, servers, and external drives
• Backups available for as many months/years as needed
• Local + offsite backups for protection from disaster
• Your data is safe from computer virus and ransomware attacks
• Simple recovery of current or old versions of documents
• Backups are fully protected with industry standard encryption

Gain peace of mind of knowing your important business data is safely and securely backed up, continuously protected and easy to restore.

Never worry about losing business-critical data again.

Contact us at https://39d.co.uk to learn how we can help you protect your important business data at an affordable cost. Don’t leave your data to chance.