Dual Screens – How they can boost productivity

Often with in a working environment employees are working on deadlines to get a task completed. With more applications employees working with, can the benefit of having dual screens boost the output of a employee. In this article we are going to give the pro’s and cons of each method, also talking about how we use dual monitors to deliver a smoother service to our clients.

It is worth noting that often adding a 3rd screen does not benefit most employees and as such we are only focusing on single to dual monitors. Each option may benefit employees in different ways but 39d is always willing to offer advice and discuss how each option effects your business.

Single screen – 19″ Monitor


  • Small on desk space
  • Cost to purchase is typically lower


  • Only able to display one application
  • Does not allow the user much room to have multiple applications open
  • Employee has to swap applications if they are viewing data on a another application

Single screen – 28″ Monitor


  • Great for visual work such as graphic design
  • Allow for multiple applications to be open side by side


  • Screen resolution can make text harder to read
  • Requires more desk space
  • More cost to purchase

Dual screen – 24″ Monitor


  • Able to run two applications side by side. For example a PDF and Sage
  • Ability to leave a secondary task on the other screen and while working on the primary screen. For example Outlook on the left screen and Word on the right screen
  • Data matching – If you are working on two documents you can load one on each screen to help cross reference easier.
  • Improved learning – Sometimes employees are following guides such as a tutorial. Dual monitors can help as they can leave the tutorial to one side of the screen while following it on their primary monitor.


  • Double the cost of a normal screen
  • Increases the space required on the desk
  • Some older computers may only have one output

How does 39d use dual screens day to day?

Our team when they join are set up with dual 24″ monitors to help deliver a faster service to our end clients. Typically the help desk team have their Left screen showing our CRM / Support portal open along with the support mailbox. This leaves our right screen open with the clients computer. By doing this we have all of the information we require about the client for easier access.

When we are not supporting a client we may have our client monitoring software open looking for any issues that may affect a clients network. Often we may be running tasks in the background and using dual screens gives us the ability to monitor the task while carrying out other tasks.

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