How To Move Office

An office move can be a really stressful task, with careful planning and consideration here at 39D we will enable the relocation project to go as smoothly as possible and be up and connected in no time.


One of the biggest challenges of growth to businesses in the UK is the limit in internet connectivity, broadband speeds and availability.  Some of these services can take up to 3 months to plan and install.  Here at 39D we can help provide and assist on the available services at your new location with recommendations of the latest technology and support.


The checklist below highlights the key points that 39D can offer to help the move go without any hitches.

Stage 1 – start planning to sail > help create a plan and define your reasons for moving- check internet speed at new location as this will influence where you relocate to.  Appoint your key person who can assist and start short listing any local managed service providers. Please click our link to 39D tiered tariffs suitable for all budgets.

Stage 2 – Buying the essentials for the sailing trip > create all your inventory lists and start planning what equipment is required, what need will need to be safely disposed of and returned to the lease companies. Order any new equipment please phone 01279 800039 and we will be happy to assist. Start comparing quotes and assign your new appointed Managed service provider.

Stage 3– Navigating your way > How to work out your office space requirements and ensure the deadline is reached. 39D will assist in keeping your business running as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption.

Stage 4 – Checking the weather > Check what new telecom services and internet systems are available to you at new location.

Stage 5 – In case of bad weather contingency plan> How to keep on track and prevent any eventualities, 39D has space for a disaster recovery in order to keep your staff connected and your business still running as normal.

Stage 6 – Arrive at destination > 39D will help to ensure all your data is transported safely and securely. All equipment is correctly labelled and your IT servers are maintained for transport.

Stage 7 – De-Brief > 39D  will always be on hand even after your office move to ensure the equipment is running as smoothly as possible and without any snagging.


All you need to do to discuss your office relocation project is to simply fill in the form below and our staff will be very happy to discuss. If you like what you see and would like your office move to be in palms of your IT experts then please do not hesitate to download our PDF for more information.